Reel Filming Production 250x250   Reel Filming $99 workshop
The RF Studio is a full-service video production studio located in Van Nuys, CA. Capabilities include:

• Digital filming
• Script writing/editing
• Product/demonstration videos
• Green screen filming
• Hosting/Acting demo reels
• Production coordination
• Commercial creation/production
• Directors/DP's/Producers/Editors
• Audio recording/ADR services
• Video editing
• Lighting services
• Digital Special Effects
• Musical composition/scoring
• On-location services
  Our Reel Footage workshop helps actors hone on-camera skills while acquiring scenes to use in their demo reels. Participants receive an original script to memorize (based on their headshot and if it's comedy or drama night). Then, at the studio, they learn camera tricks, rehearse twice, review video playbacks, receive feedback, evaluate footage and make adjustments. The third shoot is recorded with dual DSLR cameras in a way that mimics a guest star appearance on a TV show. The scenes are then edited two ways (to favor each actor), color-corrected, and delivered as a web link.

Limited to 8 actors. Held 2x/month.
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Reel filming is Jase Lindgren, Director, and Dan Wiley, Producer. Email us here.